Friday, November 30, 2012

BUT-IF-IT-IS Its certainly very SHAMEFUL for the the country like CHINA to PACK-AN-SERVE INDIA'S NATIONAL ANIMAL...
     "OH you stupid fools what are you doing" you can get the meat out of a TIGER but can you make TIGER out of the meat..Don't do this.                 
                       SAVE OUR TIGERS PLEASE....   


..Dried beef is commonly sold in Vietnam, but selling TIGER meat is unprecedented, as tigers belong to a group of wildlife that is strictly banned from being exploited or used for commercial purposes. This “meat” is allegedly imported from China and sold at dirt cheap prices.
On the packaging is a picture of a tiger along with many lines of Chinese characters, the three largest of which mean “Dried

Tiger Meat”. There is also an ISO mark and a logo on the packaging, along with many other details. Food cart owners said they bought the product from Dong Xuan Market, where traders said it has been imported from China. The meat sells well as it is very cheap and has attractive colors on its packaging.

However, neither hawkers in the city or traders at Dong Xuan could confirm what meat the product made of.

Food experts said that with such a dirt cheap price, the product is not tiger meat, as shown on the packaging.

Le Manh Hung, head of the Market Management Team No. 11, said the product is a “substance mixed with chemicals giving off an unpleasant odor”.(pic : Dan Tri)
...Students in Hanoi can buy a colorful pack of “dried tiger meat” for only VND3,000 (US$.15).On some products, the packaging shows the date: 2012.07.07, while others show 2012.09.20. Nobody knows whether the date signifies the date of manufacture or date of expiry.

According to a survey by VNA, this product, along with other kinds of dried meat, has appeared in front of most junior high and primary
schools in the capital.
A peddler in front of Giang Vo Junior High school said the “dried tiger meat” has recently become the best seller among the dried meat products he sells. In talking with Tuoi Tre yesterday, Tran Quang Trung, head of the Food Safety Department, said he has ordered its Hanoi unit to examine the product on the market.

“This is a smuggled product but its ingredients have yet to be determined,” Trung said, adding that, “based on what is shown on the packaging, the product violates the ban on trade and/or use of wildlife.”