Tuesday, January 8, 2013


                    I LOVE MY INDIA but they don't....

India is like a Bouquet of intelligent people or rather it is the whole garden filled with beautiful and intelligent persons.But still I feel deep within my heart that those good people sitting on the top places (#Politics & #Industry) are not worried about the well-being of of the middle & lo-class people...
 People like TATA's & AMBANI's can single-handed-Le lift the economy of #INDIA by using there resources for the betterment of the society,but they are worried about there own pockets.In the past few years the pockets of our top entrepreneurs have turned in to the MONEY-EATING-WELLS...It is hard to understand how much A-MAN-NEEDS !!!..   
I feel if politician's & Industrialist's can come together and join hands for the positive progress of #INDIA &# INDIANS without worrying about there own profit INDIA will soon be in the list of top Countries in the World with strong economy..
#INDIAN Politicians are much #RICHER than all of these..It is just the matter of time that all INDIAN-POLITICIANS #disclose there BLACK money...I KNOW EACH ONE OF THEM WILL BE WORTH TENS OF #MILLIONS..