Monday, December 31, 2012


Today we are going to say #Goodbye to the year Twenty-Twelve.As of now when I am writing my GOOD-WISHES to all of you,out there somewhere in the World people must have already started the reverse countdown for #2012..
The YEAR TWENTY TWELVE was the year of many incidents,the mixture of positives & negatives.2012 brought us #TEARS & #CHEERS altogether.In 2012 many secrets unfolded, many new things were discovered and old lost..Some very bright Stars of the World left us for the heavenly abode (Dara Singh,Rajesh Khanna,Yash Chopra,Bal Thackeray,Ravi Shankar etc.).
There was a time when INDIANS were ruled by Britishers and our freedom fighters freed us from the claws of slavery,But now as it may seem like that we are the FREE-PEOPLE-OF-INDEPENDENT-COUNTRY we are absolutely wrong,we are living in DELUSIONS it is PATHETIC.There is #CORRUPTION,#INJUSTICE & #POVERTY spread all over.
Woman & girls of the society are not SAFE on there own Mother-Land.We should try to provide the best possible education to our #CHILDREN'S so that they can become a strong base for the best & strong society.We should teach our #DAUGHTERS how to be safe & our SONS to be the SAVIOR of all the #GIRLS & #WOMEN..
                                "FOR WHO HAS SEEN THE FUTURE" people say,we can ensure a good and healthy future by Making/Improving our present.
..Today on the eve of NEW YEAR we shall pledge to fight against all the things which come in the path of the good and secure future of our children's and our society..
Let Us all take the OATH in favor of humanity,That we will fight against corruption & injustice and try to make #INDIA a #GOLDEN-EAGLE as it was centuries back.We shall #REUNITE our selves to RECLAIM the status & power INDIA had.. 
love you all....take care